Maireann croí éadrom a bhfad

         Which is Gaelic for "A light heart lives a long time"

Michael Me Boy (MMB) has taken to water (and sewage) like a drunk to drink, gainfully employed (SBP/TBTG) in training, to serve the Community no less, operating both the water purification and sewage treatment plants, which as anyone knows are essential to the process of Irish nectar (before and after). Adding that license to his 2 Masters might actually result in something others might call a “cah-reare”-- Keep studying Lad! It’s physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, being in and out of doors and working with a few good people, so right up his alley, but no bowling so far. A bit of golf, a bit of the ladies, this-n-that, gardening slave to GGGAGtG and ME’s clean out the barn buddy keep him busy.  MORE BELOW

Clockwise:  Top right, at the Stony Creek; Center right, Sunday lunch; Bottom right, painting the porch at The Estate; Bottom left, Little Conemaugh river; Top left, Cleaning out the "Carriage House" aka the barn