Maireann croí éadrom a bhfad

         Which is Gaelic for "A light heart lives a long time"

Michael the Elder (ME) having survived his year-long exile with wit, integrity, reputation, and sanity intact returned to the holy land of his youth with memories, accomplishments, and new friends to boot! A quick trip to Europe with the Boss in June highlighted an otherwise Zoom-filled fun-factory in which fine friends feasted, told taller tales, and quaffed much in merriment. Our Transatlantic Security Jam (Google it) brought so many great thinkers together at one time in solidarity and with purpose that it ranks well above things like sitting in for the Boss at two virtual NATO Ministerials (I did nothing but it was way cool), getting the French to Oui, meeting the press, or sitting for a time in the big office thinking big thoughts. Chum & Chesney always reminded me with Lazer focus of “The Good Stuff” and so happy to be home, despite the distance to the Kebab Palace, ME returned to the life of a country gentlemen grilling gleefully, golfing gratefully, gulping gluttonously, greying gradually, and glowing Gloria-ously. Still failing at retirement ME is back teaching, writing, talking, consulting, conniving to do good, and advising anyone who’ll listen sober or not!

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