Maireann croí éadrom a bhfad

         Which is Gaelic for "A light heart lives a long time"

God has a plan TBTG, which is no doubt unfolding as it should; how-if-so-ever the past year has tested that reality for more than a few ALTAIRs I’m sure, but here in the Ryan Clan God does indeed fulfill the plan for despite it all’n’all we remain healthy, happy, and hopeful no one more so than Gleefully-Grateful Glamorously-Amorous Gloria the Gourmet, who has taken to Appalachian life like strings to a banjo (don’t go there). Deliverance from devilish influences abounding in the champagne lifestyle of Parisian boutiques and luxury cruise ships meant GGGAGtG adapted planting herbs, flowers, and soon-to-be vegetables (no not me) turning our 2.5 acres into a perennial parkland, whilst converting the blessings of 8 apples trees into jam, butter, and sauce -- cider this fall! Her greatest accomplishment? She can finally grow mint, which is taking over the place -- send chocolate -- so she has finally put down roots! Finding friends, enhancing mercantilism ad infinitum, playing golf, and rediscovering Happy Hour returned a sense of normalcy, and champagne, especially when she discovered that the river brings life to the food desert in which we live. Sallying forth to visit Mike in exile she leveraged our pied-a-terre near DC to reconnect with those dear but not near and we “traveled” to attractions too close to visit in non-plague times: Mount Vernon (see above), Alexandria’s Masonic Temple, and the Air Force Memorial to name a few (TNAF). The luck of the Mexican-Irish was evident in her Legion Lottery winnings resulting in rounds for the regulars around the bar. Gloria loves her life and her AWE-someness is legendary and also genetic as evidenced by generations that follow (plural being a helpful hint it is hoped TBTG). “On verra” on dit en France et Inshala!  MORE BELOW