Maireann croí éadrom a bhfad

         Which is Gaelic for "A light heart lives a long time"

Carissa’s COVID countermeasures created calm, comfort, and commerce alongside the artist formally known as “The Jeff” and henceforth to be referred to merely as “Jeff” (it means we really like him). Countermeasure #1: Stir crazy in Boston? Buy a house in Maine. Countermeasure #2: Bored? Set up a *knock on wood* successful airbnb business to pay for the mortgage (Warning: blatant pitch for business follows - //

@pinehavenbeavermtn. (The first link is a website but as God is my witness I have no idea what @etc. means, but Carissa does so here it is!)). Countermeasure #3: Learning the joys of homeownership? Make a list of projects to accomplish. Step one is redoing the driveway - unofficially deemed the worst driveway in all of Maine. MORE BELOW

Countermeasure #4: Need to keep busy with social distanced/COVID safe activities? Run 1025km (each) during the summer, play countless board games, or take up snowboarding (Jeff ) [My butt that hurts!], and ski black diamond slopes (Carissa) [Thank you Eberhart!]. Carissa “is” CTP Boston (that’s proud Dad speak, but read as “still employed at”), which I’m sure has a website as does Markforged where Jeff works, but both are able to work from home (have laptop - can travel -- to Maine for now). Jeff’s job involves having a 3D printer in their home so Jeff can do his job (and print a bunch of random things) [but why only D’s? I’d print other letters too but that’s just me.] They’re looking forward to getting back to the travel competition of being the first in the family to visit a new country, so they are waiting patiently for vaccinations (very young and very healthy TBTG so a long wait - oh I hope not!) and herd immunity to become a thing. Until then they’re keeping on keeping on, getting creative with their masks (thanks to the 3D printer), exploring the world through food and drink (which explains why they run so much), and spending time with their Quaranteam! LoveCat, you’ll be relieved to know, is still Queen of Cat Tree (their Boston home) while Squirrely remains King of the Sacred Family.